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We will be attempting to keep up with changes to Wrexham and the surrounding area by adding pictures as developments happen. If you have any suggestions for entries or wish to submit pictures, please get in touch. We will be pleased to hear from you.*

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The Eagles Meadow Development - 2005-2006

"Asda" Bridge
The "Asda" Bridge, as it is still known.
08 April 2005
The "Asda" car parkFrom Derby Road looking towards the "Asda" Bridge
08 April 2005

The Asda store moved its location some years ago and the whole "Eagles Meadow" site is soon to undergo massive development the like of which the town has never seen!

Here we go...

06 June 2006

Looking towards Yorke Street and St Giles church
From the "Asda" Bridge
Looking towards St Giles church and the former Border Brewery
From the "Asda" Bridge looking across the remains of the Asda store's foundations

Breaking up the old surface including the old Asda store's foundations - 06 June 2006

More pictures of the Eagles Meadow development - 06 June 2006

11 August 2006

The "Asda" Bridge from Hightown Road
From Hightown Road
Looking towards Derby Road from the "Asda" Bridge
From the "Asda" Bridge

More pictures of the Eagles Meadow development - 11 August 2006

24 October 2006

From the "Asda" Bridge showing the first steelwork being erected
From the "Asda" Bridge - the first stage of steel erecting
From Hightown Road showing the first steelwork being erected
From Hightown Road - the first stage of steel erecting

More pictures of the Eagles Meadow development - 24 October 2006

07 November 2006

From the "Asda" bridge, looking south
From the "Asda" Bridge looking across Eagles Meadow towards Caia Road
From Hightown Road looking north
From Hightown Road looking towards Tesco

More pictures of the Eagles Meadow development - 07 November 2006 on...

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Bridge Street and St Giles Link Road Development

St Giles link road and Brook Street
Looking towards Bridge Street and Brook Street

Bridge Street
From St Giles Way, looking up Bridge Street to Pen-y-Bryn

The site between the St Giles Way link road and Bridge Street, which is soon to undergo major development. Part of the area shown was to be the site of a new Wrexham Lager brewery, but sadly the Phoenix Group, who put a great deal of effort into reviving the historic brew, failed in their attempt.

From Bridge Street
From Bridge Street

Live 8 Event - July 2005

Live8 on a big screen in Queen Square
Saturday 2nd July 2005

It's not just business that's thriving. Not many towns had big screens for the Live 8 event but Wrexham managed it and it produced a real carnival atmosphere in the town.

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