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The Redevelopment of the Wrexham Lager Brewery Site

A Wrexham Lager tanker

Brings a tear to your eye doesn't it!

"Brewed in Wales since 1882", it says on the tanker.

The original brick building on the right has been spared but everything else has gone. Development has started on the site, so we should all look forward. I for one really miss the smell of the breweries though.

Wrexham Lager brewery just before demolition commenced
The Brewery in 1998

From the rear of the Wrexham
Lager Club on Regent Street

From the railway bridge on Bradley Road (See new pictures below)

This site really is going to change the shape of Wrexham shopping centre. The Island Green complex has already effectively shifted the town centre some way to the north but this will move it even further.

It will remain to be seen what effect this and the redevelopment of Eagles Meadow have on the shopping and leisure activities of the people of Wrexham but one thing is certain - habits will change!

The site stretches right up to the Wrexham - Ruabon main railway line
to the north.

.. and takes up the filling station site on Regent Street south of the
Above pictures - 06/05/05

Central Retail Park from the General Station railway bridge
Above: Central Retail Park rapidly taking shape. (Viewed from the Mold Road railway bridge) 22/06/05 © 6Ts Ltd.

Below: The finished job. 23/03/06

Central Retail Park from the General Station railway bridge



Above: Central Retail Park viewed from Regent Street - 22/06/05

Below: The finished building - Dunelm Mill store - 23/03/06

Dunelm Mill Store


Above: Central Retail Park viewed from behind the Wrexham Lager Club in Regent Street. 22/06/05

Below: The finished building - Pizza Hut - 23/03/06

Pizza Hut Wrexham

The pictures, taken on 1st September show that progress is continuing at the fast rate we are becoming used to. The projected opening time of early 2006 that seemed so optimistic when the work started must now seem quite feasible even to the most die-hard cynic!

The new pictures, taken on 23rd March 2006 show that the site in full swing.

One worrying aspect of this is that, despite the fact that only half the premises are open and it's not a busy time - midday on a Thursday, nearly all the car parking spaces are taken.

Unfortunately, this looks like another piece of poor planning, just like the Island Green site. Surely it's time to recognise the need either for more car parking facilities or the development of other solutions such as permanent and efficient park and ride schemes.

Above: From the railway bridge on Bradley Road - 01/09/05

Below: 23/03/06

Central Retail Park from Bradley Road

It's good to see that the original Wrexham Lager building - the one depicted on the company logo - has been preserved. It is currently available to let as office accommodation. 23/03/06

Wrexham Lager Cans
These cans are unopened with a best before date of 15 Feb 01 and they're not for sale!!

The original Wrexham Lager Building
The original Wrexham Lager Building, now renovated for office accommodation. 23/03/06

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