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The Wrexham Maelor Hospital - New Car Park

Looking east from the entrance

Looking west from the entrance

We're just covering the car park at the moment but this is the latest and probably the most desperately needed improvement. The hospital has been struggling continually to find sufficient car parking space for staff, patients and visitors and has just opened a large new cark park on the site of the old Wrexham to Brymbo railway line behind the hospital. The overflow car park at the site of the old Brother factory is now closed.

When the photographs were taken on the 6th May 2005, half of the car park was open and was already nearly full. It seems that the number of cars just increase to take up any available space!

It is good to hear that, because of the long distance between the hospital entrance and this car park, the free bus service introduced to serve the Brother car park has been retained.

Bridge Street Development

Major road developments are underway in Bridge Street and its junction with Brook Street. This is part of the complete redevelopment of the area between Bridge Street and St. Giles Way link road. Along with the roadwork at Watery Road and Bradley Road, it is causing serious disruption to traffic flow and having a knock-on effect all around the town. Gridlock situations are not uncommon at busy time of the day. However, the end result should improve things and the wide pavements for pedestrians are very attractive and have to be welcomed.

The junction with Town Hill, Brook Street, St Giles Way and Bridge Street from Town Hill - 01/09/05

Bridge Street from Town Hill

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